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Smart Grid Summits: World Class Events for the Smart Grid Industry

No events in the world offer a more productive environment to meet, share and explore ideas for Smart Grid success than the Smart Grid Summits (SGS). Now into their 7th season, SGS offers four world class events; the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) for public power utilities, the Rural Smart Grid Summit (RSGS) for rural electric cooperatives, the Gas Utility Summit (GUS) for gas utilities, and the Smart Water Summit for water utilities. The Smart Grid Summits have become mandatory events if you are seeking cutting edge information, powerful connections and innovative strategies about the future of the Smart Grid.

The 2016 SGS events bring together vendors representing the latest technologies and services for Smart Grid solutions, as well as leading executives from public power, electric cooperatives, and water utilities in the United States. Using a distinctive, decision-making forum, every attendee gets the chance to listen, learn and discuss emerging and current technologies that include:

  • Metering
  • Communications
  • Demand Response
  • MDM
  • Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  • Security
  • Distribution Automation / Grid Optimization
  • IT & Back Office Technology
  • Electric / Networked Vehicles
  • Energy Management (including HAN and Building Automation)
  • Consulting / Standards
  • Leak Detection
  • Billing & CIS
  • Asset Management

In short, SGS events allow public power, electric cooperative, and water utility executives to discover how they may benefit and profit from the latest Smart Grid technologies, products and services. Executives attending are representative of public power, electric cooperative, and water utilities serving millions of homes and businesses in North America. Opportunities for vendor participation and qualified utility executive hosted guests are LIMITED. If you are interested, we urge you to explore this opportunity as soon as possible.

If you are interested in participating in the 2016 Municipal Smart Grid Summit, Rural Smart Grid Summit and/or Smart Water Summit events as a vendor, click here.

If you’re interested in qualifying to attend the 2016 MSGS, RSGS or SWS events as a VIP hosted utility executive, please click on the appropriate link, below.

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SGS Format:
In a Class by Itself

The accolades continue to pile up. Industry professionals attending previous Smart Grid Summit events enthusiastically endorse the interactive format and dynamic results. (more »)

I truly believe the Rural Smart Grid Summit is one of the best conferences I have ever attended in my +30 year career in the Cooperative world. A lot of information is given to the attendees in the two days but with the Boardroom set up and the 25 minute vendor presentations, it keeps the day very interesting and not boring with hour or two hour presentations.

- John Spencer
Vice President, Metering
Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

The MSGS "boardroom approach" to vendor presentations was a new experience for me, and one I found to be very effective. The 25-minute time limit forced the vendors to distill their messages down to the essential key points. This allowed the utility representatives to easily determine which vendor they were most interested in learning more about during the afternoon Showcase. I was very impressed with the entire conference, and have already told other utility executives how valuable I found the experience to be.

- Ed Black
Senior Vice President
Knoxville Utilities Board

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